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The English Institute of Sport invites BMC members to take part in a unique winter training programme specifically designed to enhance race performance. Members will be invited to the world class performance laboratories in the UK to perform highly individualised training sessions, in addition to receiving in depth analysis and feedback about their physiology from practitioners working within the British Athletics endurance programme.

The English Institute of Sport, in conjunction with Loughborough University, are providing a unique opportunity for talented male and female distance runners (competing in race distances of 800m up to the marathon) to take part in specific, individualised training, with the sole aim to enhance endurance running performance. The training is specifically designed to promote improvements in an athlete’s running economy.

Running economy is a primary determinant of endurance running performance, and describes how effectively an athlete can use the energy turnover within the body to produce a running pace. As the importance of running economy for endurance running performance is well established, increasing an individuals running economy is highly likely to enhance their performance come race day in race distances of 800m and above. However, achieving improvements in running economy is often very difficult, as knowledge of specific training interventions to enhance running economy is limited. The English Institute of Sport and Loughborough University are therefore providing tailored training sessions to be included into athletes training programmes for 8 weeks, with the aim to enhance the running economy of already highly trained individuals. These sessions will be completed bi-weekly at the English Institute of Sport’s high performance laboratory based at Loughborough University or Sport city, Manchester.

In addition to completing sessions that are specifically designed to complement and enhance the performance gains from an existing training programme, athletes will receive detailed feedback on their aerobic physiology, including assessments of their V?O2max, lactate profile and running economy. Moreover, athletes will be provided with guidance regarding how their results can be used to infer appropriate training paces and intensities within their current programme. Athletes will also be provided with some financial reimbursement to cover the cost of travel during the programme.
If you would be interested in taking advantage of such an opportunity, please contact Andy Shaw. by email (andrew.shaw@eis2win.co.uk).


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