Welcome to the online entry system produced in partnership with Athletics Data and used for BMC meetings.

You can make an entry either for yourself or on behalf of somebody else.

NOTE: A CURRENT UKA registration is now MANDATORY under UKA rules for BMC Race entrants who are residents or members of UK clubs in order to compete in any BMC events

For BMC meetings, all the events on the BMC fixture list can be entered online. For the higher level BMC competitions a non-refundable entry must be paid on entry For most BMC regional meetings the race fee is payable on the day. If accepted into a race the entrant should collect their vest number on the day of the race at the venue. The entrant does not have to be a BMC member but athletes are encouraged to join as one of the benefits is that preference in our most popular meetings is given to members. Visiting overseas athletes are always very welcome to enter and members of the Irish or Kiwi Milers Clubs will normally be given the same status as BMC members. For further details about the race programme please refer to the fixture list.

If you have not used the facility before please follow the steps below to make an entry.

  1. Firstly you should register for a user account. Please click here to do so.
  2. When you have registered you should then login. Please click here to do so.
  3. When logged in you can then setup the athletes you want to make entries for. Please click here to do so.
  4. You can enter yourself or others by going to the entry form.

On subsequent visits to the site to make an entry you only need to login and then goto to the entry form. If however you have not logged in for a while, you may first be asked to follow a simple procedure to reactivate your account.

Once registered you can also check on what entries you have made and change things like your password. Click here to access these user admin operations.

If you have any queries about the system or any other query please feel free to contact admin@britishmilersclub.com