BMC Athlete Mentoring Scheme - How to apply

Teamwork makes the dream work. The BMC is a team of athletes, coaches and officials all working towards being the best we can be. One of the greatest tragedies in athletics is the thought of each generation of developing athletes making mistakes that their predecessors made. Why not try and learn from each other's experiences to work towards our common goal of raising the standard of distance running in Great Britain?

The junior to senior transition is a difficult period for many athletes. It is a period during which you might be starting to think about leaving home, which might mean moving on from your club coach. You might be worrying about how to combine training and racing with work or study. You might be asking yourself how to manage your time, or how to make appropriate snacks and meals for yourself pre and post training. You might struggle to set realistic goals for yourself without the clear stepping stones that age group competition provides. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to speak to someone who has been through it already? Someone in your event group, from your region, who understands exactly what it takes? Someone who can offer you, your coach and maybe even your parents the lessons they have learned during their development?

With all that in mind, we are launching a pilot athlete mentoring programme. This will allow middle distance athletes from u17 to u23 age groups to ask questions directly to senior international athletes.

How to apply

Paid up BMC members in the U17 to U23 age group are eligible to apply. Applications can be made by email to BMC Mentor Scheme.Please include your name, age, location, and reason for seeking a mentor. (This will help us match you with a mentor who may have similar experiences, e.g. Considering a US university.)

For further information about the scheme email BMC Mentor Scheme.

Do you want to be a mentor?

If you are an international level athlete interested in being a mentor, then please email BMC Mentor Scheme.

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