Introducing the BMC Mentors

Name: Lynsey Sharp
Event: 800m
Club / Region: Edinburgh AC / Scotland
Reason for wanting to be involved:
Throughout my career I have learnt a great deal from other athletes who have experienced the highs and lows of life as an athlete. I have found it invaluable to gain advice from individuals who have dealt with injuries/the lifestyle and sacrifices needed to fully commit to being an athlete and even simple things such as dealing with travel and being away from home so often. Having been involved in the sport since I was 7, I would love to pass on some of my experience and life lessons to younger athletes to help make their career in the sport as successful and enjoyable as possible.

Chris O'Hare Name: Chris O’Hare
Event: 1500m
Club / Region: Edinburgh AC / Scotland & USA
Reason for wanting to be involved:
As a young athlete, surrounding yourself with a strong support group is the only way you will be successful. Without countless people who have mentored me briefly and those who have been there for me my whole career, I wouldn't have been able to achieve what I have achieved so far. Young athletes need to make sure they surround themselves with the best possible team. No athlete can achieve anything without support from at least one person, so my hope for this mentor program is to be there for a young athlete who may not have anybody else to help guide them through the early stages of their career.
Name: Laura Weightman
Event: 1500m / 5000m
Club / Region: Morpeth / North East
Reason for wanting to be involved:
I have been through many ups and downs in my career to date and have benefited myself from having other older athletes to speak to for advice. I think its important for younger athletes to feel like they have someone they can ask questions no matter how silly they may feel like they are as the chances are I had the same questions when I was the same age.
Laura Weightman
Emily Dudgeon Name: Emily Dudgeon
Event: 800m
Club / Region: Edinburgh AC / Scotland
Reason for wanting to be involved:
We have no shortage of talented junior athletes and yet there are so many, including myself that find it very difficult to “make it” as a senior athlete. I wanted to get involved in the mentoring programme to provide a resource for younger athletes to learn from the experiences of more experienced athletes who have been through injuries/illnesses/peaks/troughs and challenging times in the sport.
Name: Kerry O Flaherty
Event: 3000m Steeplechase
Club / Region: Windsor, Slough, Eaton and Hounslow / Ireland
Reason for wanting to be involved:
I was introduced to athletics at the age of 13, 22 years later I became an Olympian. Throughout my career I have learned a lot about the sport, my physical capabilities, mental awareness and how to pick yourself up when you hit those very lows points. This wouldn’t have been possible all by myself. I had a dream but I also had people who believed in me, who gave me advice and who also gave me the encouragement to follow my dreams and become the athlete I wanted to be. I am really excited to become a BMC mentor and help the next generation of athletes who might have the same dreams and aspirations as I did, and to try and help them along the way.
Kerry O'Flaherty
Emelia Gorecka Name: Emelia Gorecka
Event: 5000m
Club / Region: Aldershot, Farnham and District / South of England
Reason for wanting to be involved:
"Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow..."
I am absolutely buzzing to be joining the BMC mentor programme. As an athlete, I've always been fortunate enough to have a team of people around me, who I feel as though I can talk to, bounce ideas off, and learn from. I wouldn't be where I am today without these significant influences in my life, and cannot wait to give back to the sport, that I absolutely love, and help young athletes in whatever way I can.
Name: Alison Leonard
Event: 800 / 1500m
Club / Region: Blackburn Harriers / Midlands
Reason for wanting to be involved:
I wanted to be involved in the BMC mentoring scheme because I've been lucky enough to learn from other athletes in the past and their advice and example has helped guide me throughout my career; I would like to be able to help younger athletes in the same way.
Alison Leonard

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