Eltham Grand Prix - 20 July - Results and Report

Finishers: 180
PBs 53 (29%)
Power of Ten results: Here


MEN’S 800M

Archie Davis used his 1500m strength to finish strongly after a steady first lap and notch up a season’s best of 1:49.81 to win the men’s 800m A race.
Christian Von Eitzen, who was the fastest man in the field, forced the pace up the back straight without ever looking like he could shake off the bunch gathering at his heels.
“I am just coming off a mid-season break so that was a good way to start the second half of my summer,” said Davis.
“I knew it was windy so opted to sit in for the start. I knew from last year that I always finish strongly and this track has been good to me.”
Daniel Howells also finished well to overhaul Von Eitzen in the final straight.
St Mary’s University student Ricky Lutakome earned himself a season’s best of 1:51.14 to win the B race after pushing hard from 500 metres.
“I have been injured so this is only my second race and I would have liked to have gone faster,” said Lutakome.
Stockport’s Grant Anderson chased hard and was rewarded with a PB of 1:51.95 in second.
Clipped on the heels at 600m almost cost Shaftesbury Barnet’s Mukhtar Musa the chance of victory in the C race but the teenager recovered well to claim top spot and a PB of 1:52.29.
“I stumbled at 600m but managed to recover and it is great to get a PB in what is really my first season on the track,” said Musa.
“I only started around this time last year and my first 800m was 2mins 06secs!”
Runner-up Andrew Wright also broke 1mins 53secs with a season’s best of 1:52.52.
Charlie Wyllie celebrated a PB in the D race as the 21-year-old Dorking & Mole Valley athlete finished strongly in 1:53.22.
“That’s nearly a whole second so I am delighted,” said Wyllie.
“I ran 1:54 here during the week so was desperate to get 1:53 something so it is great to do that at last and also get back-to-back wins. Hopefully there is more to come.”
There were also PBs for Harry Tullett in second plus Adam Day and George Peters in fourth and fifth respectively.

MEN’S 1500M

There was further success for Brighton Phoenix in the men’s 1500m with 20-year-old George Mills powering clear on the final lap for an emphatic win in 3:43.70, over two seconds clear of Morpeth’s Chris Parr.
“I am really happy with that especially as it is my first win this summer apart from the heats of the England U23s,” said Mills.
“After two years of injuries it is great to be back racing and training injury-free. I am in a good place now with a good coach (Jon Bigg) and looking forward to racing more.”
Parr’s time of 3:45.78 was a season’s best as was John Sanderson’s 3:49.11 in third.
AFD’s Ben Bradley played a patient game before sweeping past Irishman Mitchell Byrne to win the B race in a PB of 3:48.76 – the first time he has been under 3mins 50secs.
“That has given me a lot of confidence,” said Bradley.
A brave front-running display by Daniel Mees earned him a notable win in the C race with a PB of 3:50.84, having previously run 3:52.05.
“I have been concentrating upon the 800m this summer so it was nice to come out and win over the 1500m,” said Mees.
Basildon’s Max Jones never got on terms but was rewarded for his effort with a PB of 3:52.99 in second.
In the D and E races there were also PBs for winners Mohamud Aadan (3:55.47) and Cameron Macrae (3:56.62) respectively.

MEN’S 5000M

Former junior international Tom Mortimer showed great spirit in going for sub 14 minutes clocking in the 5000m and was on course until 3k when pacemaker Alexander Teuten stepped off the track.
“I am really chuffed with and Alex was brilliant,” said Mortimer.
“I felt so much stronger this evening than when I ran at SportCity when I was just coming back from an injury in April.
“I am in much better shape now and feel there is a PB there this season if I can get into the right race.


Mari Smith had to dig as deep as she has ever done to hold on for victory in this excellent A race.
The women’s 800m race have served up some tremendous races in the Grand Prix series this summer and this one can rightly sit alongside them.
Smith was the only woman in the field to follow the pacemaker as she set a sub 60 seconds pace. At a touch over 58 at the bell Smith held a good 10 metres lead over Revee Walcott-Nolan, who was at the head of a strung-out field.
Having decided to commit Smith got he head down and drove down the back straight where the wind, while not overly strong, was a factor.
At 600m she still held at 10-12metres lead but coming into the home straight it all began to change as the immense effort of a solo run began to take its toll.
Suddenly Walcott-Nolan began to eat into that lead and for a moment it event seemed like she might snatch victory in the closing strides only for the gutsy Smith to lunge across the line in a PB of 2mins 01.46secs.
“That was tough but I went out hard because I have been frustrated at running 2mins 02secs something this season and was determined to run a 2:01,” said Smith.
“I had a great pacemaker (who went to 600m) so that really helped and I appreciate it. I held on and I think that is my first Grand Prix A victory which is nice.”
As well as a PB Smith, whose outdoor best was 2:02.64 at the Watford Grand Prix last year before improving to 2:02.34 during an excellent indoor season, also earned a £250 bonus from the BMC.
“As I came around the top bend I thought I had no chance but then down the home straight I was really closing down Mari and another five metres and I would have had her,” said Walcott-Nolan, who was rewarded with a PB of 2:01.74, shaving 0.04secs off her best.
That would have been harsh on Smith, who believes she can go quicker still this summer before launching a new chapter in her career.
“It was only my fifth 800m this summer after a late start but I am off to America to study at Oregon University soon and hopefully that will be the step I need to help me qualify for the major championships,” added Smith, who picked up a £250 bonus from the BMC for her victory.
Gemma Kersey got her tactics spot-on to win the B race with a season’s best of 2:09.01. Mhairi Hendry hit the front at 600m but Kersey bided her time before taking the lead down the home straight.
“I am not running as rapid as I want but I am happy with my consistency and winning and I definitely feel there is more to come,” said Kersey.
London-based Canadian teacher Rosa Serafini finished like a train to win the C race in a PB of 2:11.56.
“I went for it this evening to see what I have and it is great to go home with a PB,” said Serafini.
“That’s my fastest 800m for around six years so I am delighted.”
Teenager Ella Fryer ran a PB of 2:13.48 in fourth.

WOMEN’S 1500

Ireland’s Amy O’Donoghue retained the title she won last year with the bonus of a PB of 4:16.58 to give a boost ahead of the Ireland Championships next weekend.
“It was a crazy in and out race but I didn’t panic and finished strongly,” said O’Donoghue, who is based in Limerick.
Brighton Phoenix runner Beth Kidger never gave up the chase and was rewarded with a PB of 4:16.96 in second with Hannah England third.
Emily Ruane celebrated her first GP victory in the B race as she timed her kick perfectly to cross the line in 4:23.3.
“When we went through the bell I knew a PB was on so I kicked hard in the last 200 metres and I am really pleased with the time,” said the 23-year-old Cambridge University student.
“It is also nice to win a race occasionally!”
Alexandra Millard’s reward for following the pacemaker and leaving the bunch well adrift was a PB of 4:29.58 but she suffered for her victory in the C race.
“That last lap was horrible and I never thought I would make that final 150 metres!” said Millard.
“I am just so tired – but also happy. I was determined to stuck with the pacemaker and give it a go.”

BMC 800m A Race Mens
1 1:49.81 Archie Davis U23 M Brighton Phoenix
2 1:50.76 Daniel Howells U20 M Aldershot Farnham & District
3 1:51.03 Christian Von Eitzen U23 M Newham & Essex Beagles/Germany
4 1:51.49 Didrik Warlo U23 M Norway
5 1:51:50 Matthew Wigelsworth M Preston/Liverpool Uni
6 1:51.67 Conall Kirk M Harrow/Annadale/Ireland
7 1:52.22 James Young U23 M Morpeth/Lancaster Uni
DNS Robbie Fitzgibbon M Brighton Phoenix
BMC 800m B Race Mens
1 1:51.10 Ricky Lutakome U23 M Sutton & District/St. Mary's U
2 1:51.95 Grant Anderson U23 M Stockport/Birmingham Uni
3 1:52.29 Saemundur Olafsson M Iceland
4 1:52.32 Jack Higgins U20 M Bexley
5 1:52.80 Ben Brunswick U23 M Dorking & Mole Valley/Manchest
6 1:55.49 Rocco Zaman-Browne U20 M Manchester H
7 1:55.74 Victor Nutakor M Newham & Essex Beagles
8 1:57.82 Charlie Baldwin M Worthing/St. Mary's Uni/Crawle
BMC 800m C Race Mens
1 1:52.29 Mukhtar Musa U17 M Shaftesbury Barnet
2 1:52.52 Andrew Wright M Willowfield/Cardiff Uni
3 1:53.46 Dan Wilde U23 M Taunton/Loughborough Students
4 1:54.34 Samuel Jones U23 M St. Albans AC/St. Albans Strid
5 1:55.08 Harry Cox U20 M Chiltern/Cambridge Uni
6 1:56.11 Jordan Donnelly M Woodford Green Essex Ladies
7 1:59.23 Kieran Eland U23 M Tonbridge/Cardiff Met Uni
8 DNS Allan Stewart M Chiltern
BMC 800m D Race Mens
1 1:53.21 Charlie Wyllie U23 M Dorking & Mole Valley/Kent Uni
2 1:54.46 Harry Tullett U20 M Chelmsford
3 1:54.75 Abdiqadir Mohamed U23 M Thames Valley
4 1:54.84 Adam Day U23 M Chiltern/Birmingham Uni
5 1:55.84 George Peters U20 M Cambridge & Coleridge
6 1:56.79 Ben Healey M Winchester/Brighton Uni
7 1:59.01 Lee Byrne M Rathfarnham/Ireland
8 2:00.94 James Millett U23 M Highgate/Imperial/Thames Valle
9 2:01.31 Hugi Hardarson M Iceland
BMC 800m Race E Mens
1 1:53.41 Ted Higgins U20 M Bexley
2 1:54.36 Sean Hall M Hercules Wimbledon
3 1:55.35 Alex Hampson U23 M Nene Valley
4 1:57.08 Isaac Brown U20 M Basildon/Essex Schs
5 1:57.90 Christopher Thornley M Bedford & County
6 1:58.57 Thomas Walker M City of Portsmouth
7 2:00.08 Shreyas Kanyady U20 M Reading AC/Birmingham Uni/Indi
8 2:00.85 Sam Wilkinson U20 M Brighton & Hove
9 2:02.76 Johnny Foster M Annadale
10 DNS Louis Hazel M Shaftesbury Barnet
11 DNS Olafur Borbjornsson V35 M Iceland
BMC 800m Race A Womens
1 2:01.46 Mari Smith W Birchfield H/Birmingham Uni
2 2:01.74 Revee Walcott-Nolan W Luton/St. Mary's Uni/Woodford
3 2:06.75 Gemma Finch U23 W Basingstoke & Mid Hants/Troy U
4 2:06.85 Katie Kirk W Ulster Uni/Ireland
5 2:07.96 Rachel McClay W Bracknell AC
6 2:07.99 Emily Thompson U20 W Banbury/Birmingham Uni
7 2:08.15 Katy-Ann McDonald U20 W Blackheath & Bromley/Louisiana
BMC 800m Race B Womens
1 2:09.01 Gemma Kersey W Basildon/Middlesex Uni
2 2:09.91 Cara Anderson W Perth Strathtay/Derby Uni/Craw
3 2:10.11 Rachel Gibson W North Down
4 2:10.51 Chloe Crossman W Guildford & Godalming/Swansea
5 2:11.65 Mhairi Hendry W Victoria Park City of Glasgow/
DNS Holly Archer W Cambridge & Coleridge
DNF Kelly Hetherington W Fulham/Australia
BMC 800m Race C Womens
1 2:11.56 Rosa Serafini W London Heathside/Canada
2 2:12.43 Alex Mundell W City of Salisbury/Imperial/Tha
3 2:13.38 Helena Corbin W Herne Hill
4 2:13.48 Ella Fryer U17 W St. Mary's Richmond
5 2:13.90 Lauren McNeil U17 W Mansfield
6 2:13.91 Fiona de Mauny V35 W Herne Hill
7 2:17.07 Zakia Mossi U17 W Blackheath & Bromley
DNS Emma Haley W Radley
BMC 1500m Race A Mens
1 3:43.70 George Mills U23 M Brighton Phoenix/Brighton Uni
2 3:45.78 Chris Parr M Morpeth
3 3:49.11 John Sanderson M Guildford & Godalming
4 3:51.82 Daniel Bebbington M Preston/Edge Hill Uni
5 3:53.55 Benjamin Davies U23 M Bedford & County
6 3:53.83 Michael Ferguson M Aberdeen/Aberdeen Uni/Banchory
7 3:54.63 Blake Moore U23 M Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow
8 3:56.40 Alexander Teuten M Southampton/Southampton Uni
9 3:59.30 Tom Dodd U23 M Birchfield H/Birmingham Uni
10 4:09.03 Sondre Juven U23 M Norway
DNS Aaron Phelps M Stroud
DNS Elliott Dorey M Jersey
BMC 1500m Race B Mens
1 3:48.76 Ben Bradley M Aldershot Farnham & District/
2 3:49.35 Mitchell Byrne M Rathfarnham/Ireland
3 3:49.65 Ryan Driscoll M Tonbridge/San Francisco Uni
4 3:51.33 Jonny White M City of Portsmouth/Portsmouth
5 3:51.73 Declan Neary U23 M Brighton Phoenix/Brighton Uni/
6 3:51.75 Matt Bray M Bedford & County
7 3:54.11 George Dollner M Guildford & Godalming
8 3:54.16 Vidar Dahle M Norway
9 3:54.80 Niki Faulkner M Highgate/Imperial College/Tham
10 3:56.97 Samuel Maher U23 M Jersey
11 3:57.88 John Howorth U20 M Team Bath/Cardiff Uni
12 4:01.12 James Heneghan U23 M Southampton/Cardiff Uni
13 4:05.11 Thomas Moran M Ireland
DNS Josh Trigwell M Newham & Essex Beagles
DNS Kadar Omar Abdullahi M Birchfield H/Ethiopia
BMC 1500m Race C Mens
1 3:50.84 Daniel Mees U23 M Newham & Essex Beagles/Kent Un
2 3:52.99 Max Jones U23 M Basildon/St. Mary's Uni/Haveri
3 3:53.43 Nick Armstrong M Newham & Essex Beagles/Loughbo
4 3:53.52 James Dunne U20 M Tullamore/Ireland
5 3:53.77 Charlie Eastaugh M Hercules Wimbledon
6 3:54.22 James Coxon M Kingston & Poly/Cambridge Uni
7 3:54.71 Mike Cummings M Herne Hill/Hardley
8 3:57.55 Mohamed Hashi M Ealing Southall & Middx
DNS Cillian Doherty M Ireland
DNS Edward Dodd M City of Portsmouth/Portsmouth
DNS Hamish Armitt U20 M Giffnock North
DNS Will Stockley U23 M Belgrave/St. Mary's Uni
DNS Da¡ire Finn U23 M Ireland
BMC 1500m Race D Mens
1 3:55.47 Mohamud Aadan M Thames Valley/South Bank
2 3:55.76 Lloyd Kempson M Cambridge & Coleridge/St. Mary
3 3:55.79 Olivier Wijtenburg M Thames Valley/Netherlands
4 3:57.63 Iain Davies U23 M Central/Cambridge Uni
5 3:58.07 James Beeks U23 M Basingstoke & Mid Hants
6 3:58.58 Conall McGinness U20 M Cambridge & Coleridge
7 3:59.25 Eliot Buckner M Newham & Essex Beagles/Loughbo
8 4:00.09 Tom Greenacre U20 M City of Norwich
9 4:00.68 Hugo Cayssials M Thames Valley/France
10 4:04.18 Max Walk U23 M Birchfield H/Birmingham Uni/Wh
11 4:04.32 Alex Bruce-Littlewood M Blackheath & Bromley/Hercules
12 4:08.90 Oliver Way U23 M Ealing Southall & Middx/Loughb
13 4:09.73 James Share M Poole Runners/Guildford & Goda
DNS Frederick Slemeck M Hercules Wimbledon/Leeds Uni/B
DNS Euan Brown M East London/Orion
DNS Aaron Cooper M Herts Phoenix/Worcester Uni
BMC 1500m Race E Mens
1 3:56.62 Cameron Macrae U20 M Invicta East Kent
2 3:58.19 Frederick Slemeck M Hercules Wimbledon/Leeds Uni/B
3 3:58.51 Matthew Revier M Southampton
4 3:58.81 Tom Austin M Poole AC/St. Mary's Uni/Bourne
5 4:00.93 Lewis Laylee U23 M Herne Hill/Birmingham Uni
6 4:01.38 Charlie Davis U23 M Blackheath & Bromley/Birmingha
7 4:03.02 Eoin Taggart M Clonliffe/Ireland
8 4:04.19 Michael Ellis M Tonbridge/Sheffield Hallam Uni
9 4:05.40 Andrew Warburton M Notts/Herne Hill
10 4:05.56 Josh Lunn M Bedford & County
11 4:07.03 Amittai Ben-Israel U23 M Coventry/Coventry Uni
12 4:14.16 John Gordon M Springwell/Loughborough Studen
DNS William Stanley M Victoria Park & Tower Hamlets
BMC 1500m Race A Womens
1 4:16.58 Amy O'Donoghue W Emerald/Ireland
2 4:16.96 Beth Kidger W Brighton Phoenix
3 4:17.48 Hannah England W Oxford City
4 4:18.13 Amelia Quirk U23 W Bracknell AC/Birmingham Uni
5 4:18.81 Kirsty Fraser W Preston/Brunel Uni London/Bedf
6 4:19.78 Georgie Hartigan W Birchfield H/St. Mary's Uni
7 4:20.27 Danielle Hodgkinson W Wallsend/Army
8 4:22.30 Claire Tarplee W Solihull & Small Heath/Dundrum
9 4:25.86 Dagmar Smid U23 W Netherlands
10 4:32.79 Rebecca Johnson W Highgate/Edinburgh Uni Hare &
11 4:36.05 Naomi Taschimowitz W Shaftesbury Barnet/UCL
12 DNS Kate Maltby W Bristol & West
13 DNS Emily Hosker-Thornhill W Aldershot Farnham & District/
BMC 1500m Race B Womens
1 4:23.3 Emily Ruane W Herts Phoenix/Cambridge Uni
2 4:23.8 Lilly Coward W Invicta East Kent/St. Mary's U
3 4:25.6 Isabel Dye U23 W Thames Valley/Cambridge Uni
4 4:26.1 Chloe Bradley W Woodford Green Essex Ladies/Lo
5 4:27.0 Anna Clark U23 W Woodford Green Essex Ladies/Ba
6 4:27.6 Charlotte Alexander U20 W Herne Hill
7 4:28.7 Chloe Sharp U23 W Central Park
8 4:29.1 Suzannah Monk W Guildford & Godalming/Loughbor
9 4:31.0 Sophie Crumly W Reading AC
10 4:31.8 Fiona Kehoe V35 W Kilmore/Ireland
11 4:32.0 Natalie Bretherton U23 W Camberley/Bristol Uni
BMC 1500m Race C Womens
1 4:29.58 Alexandra Millard U20 W Invicta East Kent
2 4:32.12 Zoe Wassell U23 W Bristol & West/Loughborough St
3 4:34.99 Niamh Bridson Hubbard U23 W Blackheath & Bromley/Cambridge
4 4:36.83 Nancy Scott U23 W Aldershot Farnham & District/
5 4:39.90 Tara Bage U23 W Brighton Phoenix/UCL/Highgate
6 4:40.49 Shannon Flockhart U20 W Cambridge & Coleridge
7 4:43.66 Hannah Taunton W Taunton
8 4:46.90 Grace Forster U17 W City of Norwich
9 4:48.13 Ruby Whyte-Wilding U23 W Lewes/Birmingham Uni
10 4:51.07 Katie Hopkins U20 W Woking
11 4:51.36 Clare Elms V55 W Dulwich/Blackheath & Bromley/V
BMC 5000m Race A Mens
1 14:10.85 Tom Mortimer U23 M Stroud/Loughborough Students
2 14:30.68 Neil Burton V35 M Basel
3 14:32.06 Erik Lomas M Norway
4 14:34.48 Calum McKenzie M Corstorphine/Aberdeen Uni
5 14:34.96 Ben Cole M Tonbridge/Swindon
6 14:35.20 Jack Leitch U23 M Worthing/Edinburgh Uni
7 14:35.59 Andrew Fyfe M Belgrave
8 14:36.55 Alasdair Kinloch U23 M Tonbridge/Loughborough Student
9 14:39.81 Liam Brady M Tullamore/Ireland
10 14:39.88 Philip Sewell M Aldershot Farnham & District
11 14:48.61 Shaun Evans U23 M Royal Sutton Coldfield
12 14:49.19 Jamie Bryant M Tonbridge
13 14:58.32 Steve Gallienne M Bideford/St. Mary's Uni
14 14:58.82 Charlie Haywood M Highgate
15 15:05.61 Max Pickard M Brighton Phoenix
16 15:28.51 Rory Domville U23 M Reading AC/Bath Uni
17 DNS Dominic Brown M Tonbridge/Sheffield Uni
18 DNF Andy Benson M Preston/Trafford
19 DNF Callum Charleston U23 M Aldershot Farnham & District/
BMC 5000m Race B Mens
1 14:54.85 Conan McCaughey M North Belfast/Central
2 15:02.00 Jordan Weaver M Kent
3 15:03.79 Marshall Smith U20 M Ashford AC
4 15:06.61 Ed Banks M Birchfield H
5 15:08.21 Will Brewin M Southampton
6 15:08.33 Ben Shearer V40 M Cambridge H
7 15:13.55 James Puxty U23 M Tonbridge/Leeds Beckett Uni
8 15:14.82 Niall Sheehan M Newham & Essex Beagles/Herne H
9 15:20.95 Jack Gregory M Reading RR/Southampton Uni
10 15:31.04 Mark Jenkin V40 M Bideford
11 15:35.18 Rob McTaggart M Bournemouth
12 15:44.55 Matthew Sharp V40 M Hercules Wimbledon
13 15:58.70 Gerard Heaney M Acorns
DNF Anthony Johnson M Kent
DNS Elliot Hind M Marshall Milton Keynes

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