Every BMC News back to 1964 now available

The BMC has been in the process of updating its own history and to this end we have scanned every BMC News back to Issue No. 1 from January 1964 and made them available in PDF form on the website. That means that 76 back issues are now available for everyone to read. We also have the PDF documents for the last 2 years but will hold those back for BMC Members, which would make 80 copies of BMC News in total.
A thanks has to go to Brian Boulton who loaned all the back copies that we did not have. If you have any problems reading any of these files then Email Steve Mosley (see contacts page) and I will try to improve the files. Some of the issues were very faint, with a small font size and closely typed.

We have tried to highlight, for each issue, some of the main articles in the magazines. Hopefully we will be able to reproduce some of the main coaching articles into a "coaching corner" so that we have a repository of coaching knowledge available for all, as the BMC feels that this information should be made available to as wide an audience as possible.

Just click on the BMC News tab from the top drop down menu.

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