BMC Horwill Scholars

2009         Dr Jon Oliver
That a simple field based measure, utilising heart rate and ground contact time, will be able to accurately monitor and predict endurance performance

2010         Richard Taylor
Links between physical training, aspects of immunity and infectious symptoms throughout an annual training cycle in highly trained endurance athletes.

2011         Aaron Thomas*
An evaluation of the mechanical and physiological factors associated with fatigue in middle-distance running.

2012         Dr Martin Jones & Dr John Parker
Examining mindfulness and pain catastrophizing in competitive runners.

2013         Jamie French & Dr Matt Long*
The potentiation effects of high intensity warm ups in a middle distance context.

2014         Andrew Shaw*
The effect of downhill running on running economy in highly trained distance runners.

*Currently being undertaken.

“I was greatly surprised and honoured to have this BMC research project linked to my name. Over the past sixty years most of the research conducted into endurance running and its allied subjects has been from Sweden, the Soviet Union, USA and Germany. Much of this has been conducted on PE students and not established runners for convenience sake. These research projects are to be conducted on athletes who have aspirations and this will give the results added credibility. It is hoped that this BMC project will continue in its format and encourage others to join the ranks of Astrand, Gerschler, Costill, Daniels and Noakes.”
Frank Horwill MBE, 2008

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