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BMC News is the journal of the British Milers' Club and is usually published twice yearly in late spring and again in the autumn. It is distributed free to all BMC members. It is not normally available to-non members but some past issues are available (See below).

Good quality articles on any aspect of middle and long distance are always welcome for consideration for publication in future editions. Please contact the editor for more details.

BMC News Editor: Steve Green
Tel 07881 099305

Past Issues

Some past issues of the journal can be freely downloaded on the understanding that this is for personal use only. If it is wished to reproduce any part of the journal in any medium (including websites) then permission should be sought in advance from the editor. Paper editions are often made available for purchase at BMC meetings. Please contact the editor for further information.

Issues currently available for download:

BMC News

Index 2010 to date 2000 to 2009 1990 to 1999 1980 to 1989 1970 to 1979 1964 to 1969

Summer 1969

Summer 1969 cover
Issue No. 8. (Incorrectly numbered 7.)

22 Pages:-
  • Importance of Nutrition.
  • Reassessment of Farlek.
  • That Third Lap.

Available as PDF download
Summer 1969

winter 1969

Winter 1969 cover
Issue No. 11.
(Copies 9 and 10 never produced).

24 Pages:-
  • Altitude Training at Ground Level.
  • The Case for Weights.
  • The ABC of Interval Training.
  • Problem of Oxygen Debt.

Available as PDF download
Winter 1969

Spring 1968

May 1968 cover
Issue No. 6.

28 Pages:-
  • Staff Coach Report.
  • Quotes.
  • Frank Horwill Column.

Available as PDF download
Spring 1968

Autumn 1968

Autumn 1968 cover
Issue No. 7. (Incorrectly numbered 6.)

26 Pages:-
  • Mile and 1500m Conversion.
  • Adaptation to Stress.
  • Carol Firth Profile.

Available as PDF download
Autumn 1968

May 1967

May 1967 cover
Issue No. 4.

28 Pages:-
  • Books Reviewed.
  • Weight Training for Milers.
  • The Frank Horwill Column.

Available as PDF download
Spring 1967  

Sept 1967

Sept 1967 cover
Issue No. 5.

24 Pages:-
  • Quotes from the Greats.
  • Doris Brown (USA) Training.
  • Striking a Balance.

Available as PDF download
Autumn 1967

May 1965

May 1965 cover
Issue No. 2.

22 Pages:-
  • Middle distance Injuries.
  • Notes on Training Techniques.
  • Physiological Basis for Interval Training.

Available as PDF download
Spring 1965  

May 1966

May 1966 cover
Issue No. 3.

20 Pages:-
  • Your Personal Best.
  • The Frank Horwill Column.
  • Running Problems Answered.

Available as PDF download
Spring 1966

Jan 1964

Jan 1964 cover
Issue No. 1.

8 Pages:-
  • Spotlight on Members.
  • News and Views.
  • List of Members. 

Available as PDF download
January 1964


All material published in the BMC News is copyright of the British Milers' Club except where articles have been reproduced from another source and a credit has been given. The training articles expressed in the journal do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the National Committee. They are published as part of the BMC's policy of a liberal approach to diverse training theories.